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Gold and Glue performance in Austria

Viktor just came back from Austria where he performed his new act: A Gold and Blue painting. The perfect colors for an upscale wedding. All guests were totally conquered by his fabulous work at this prestgious 4* hotel and Spa.

Store opening with glue and glitters in Monaco

Viktor just did a tremendous job in Monaco for a store opening.   The client wanted some kind of entertainment in front of his store in the heart of Monaco to celebrate the opening.   During the event, Viktor realized in just a few minutes an amazing painting combining a woman and some jewelries.  …
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Logo reveal with UV paint for a corporate event in Germany

Viktor was in Munich, Germany to realize a logo using only glue, glitter and UV paint! A very difficult task as Viktor being in the complete dark it seems like he is painting completely blind folded. The client was very happy and of course impress! What a nice corporate event.

Switzerland private event

Viktor was once again in Switzerland to create in just a few minutes a portrait with glue and glitters. He is now considered to be the master of this technique widely used by famous painters in the 70s and 80s. Viktor is now getting ready for his next upscale wedding event in Africa. Incoming search…
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New glue and glitter / Glitter und Leim künstler

We just released our latest promo video to give you an idea of the result done with glue and glitter. The glue and glitter painting gives the power to Viktor to realize any kind of portraits, logos and objects on a 2mx2m canva using only glue and glitters. Many international events are to come so…
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