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Speed painting performance in Lausanne, Switzerland

Viktor was just in Switzerland for a brand launch event in Lausanne. The client asked him to realized with glue and glitters the new corporate logo. The company was thrilled by the result as the performance and the painting were a true success. Congratulation to Viktor for his new piece of artwork realized once again…
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Switzerland private event

Viktor was once again in Switzerland to create in just a few minutes a portrait with glue and glitters. He is now considered to be the master of this technique widely used by famous painters in the 70s and 80s. Viktor is now getting ready for his next upscale wedding event in Africa. Incoming search…
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Glue and paint performance in SwitzerlandPrestation avec colle et paillettes en Suisse

For the opening of a new building in Switzerland, Viktor had once again the opportunity to realize a nice painting with glue and sparkles. All board directors were present at the end of performance to throw themselves the glitters on the canva once Viktor had finished painting with glue. Congratulation to Viktor as it has…
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