Category: Glue and Glitters

Birthday party entertainment on a boat

Back to Amsterdam but this time on a boat to celebrate a lady’s birthday. Viktor realized the portrait of the woman using only glue and glitters. Not an easy task as the venue was not the ideal one but for sure it is birthday party to remember!

Monaco speed painting

Performing in a night club is a premiere! Viktor was performing for a client’s birthday in Monaco at the famous Twiga Monte-Carlo. Using glue and glitters he realized the client’s portrait in th middle of the club!

Austria speed painting

Viktor was just in the tyrolean alps in Fiss, Austria. For a cable car company who organized its gala dinner. The event took place in the mountains and besides the cold, it was a huge success 🙂

Birthday speed painting in France

For an exceptional birthday event that happened in Chateau La Coste, Viktor realized 4 portraits on one painting in just a few minutes. It was just the perfect day for this 60th birthday 🙂

Art ball performance in london

For an upscale party in London called “The Art Ball” in London, Viktor realized Andy Warhol‘s portrait in just a few minutes using only glue and glitters. What a brilliant evening and a huge success!  

Philadelphia wedding painting

A quick trip to USA, to realize a glue and glitters painting during a wonderful wedding. Viktor asked Anna to replace him for that particular occasion who flew to Philadelphia in order to execute a glue and glitter performance. Thanks to the client for all her help.

Wedding event performance in France

What performance could you get for your wedding? Guests were once again honored by Viktor’s performance on the French Riviera. The bride and the groom together on a painting realized using only glue and glitters!

Speed painting for a birthday in Monaco

Viktor performed this summer in Monaco to celebrate someone’s birthday. The double portrait was realized in just a few minutes using only glue and glitters. The event took place in a nice restaurant by Monte-Carlo‘s famous bay.

London product launch

Viktor just got back from London where he realized a glue and glitters painting for a product launch. For the first time, he used a red canva in order to match the client’s product.  

Netherlands speed painting

Viktor just came back from Amsterdam in the Netherlands where he performed his glue and glitters show for a company. He did a wonderful work as usual in just a few minutes.