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Viktor designed “Big Heads” icons for the Nice’s Carnival

Our caricaturist artist, during the Nice Carnival “King of the Cinema” themed, was at the center of this famous event. In fact, in 2019, Nice celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Victorine Studios, the heart of the film industry on the French Riviera. Viktor had the chance to participate in the realization of “big heads” icons…
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Event Sculpture on the French Riviera

During an event that was held on the French Riviera, Viktor traded his brushes and decided to go for something else. Here is a nice sculpture done about Corto Maltese: A “cult” character of the best of the European graphic novel genre, but also a veritable 20th century literary legend.

Digital caricaturist in Monte-Carlo

Viktor was last night in Monte-Carlo doing some caricatures on Ipad. The event took place at the Sporting Club. The Ipad was connected to a giant screen so that all guests could see what he was drawing.

Ipad cariactures in France

Viktor is not only a talented painter but can realize caricatures on paper as well as on Ipads. During an upscale event that took place in the South of France, he realized several caricatures using his Ipad.

Glue and glitters in Corsica for a private event

Nice glue and glitters performance in Corsica for Viktor.   This private party was held on the beach and Viktor created the couple portrait of the guests but also the baby’s portrait using only WINE!   A huge success for him and a great evening in Corsica at the prestigious Hôtel La Signoria

The Speed Carving

There is so much going on that we event forgot to present you the new technique created by Viktor called: THE SPEED CARVING. This new performance is about creating a portrait, a logo or whatever on a wall just by carving the ciment. This performance is realized in 6 minutes only and it is totally…
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The Speed Carving

Viktor just created a new form of art: the Speed Carving. Unique, he can realize any portrait, logo, product on a wall or piece of wood.

UV painting for any of your international events

Viktor is now realizing any of your event paintings with some special UV paint. Ideal for any of your international events, this performance is totally unique. Only a true painter could realize such a painting in just a few minutes using several UV paints.

The Revert Painting for your eventsThe Revert Painting pour vos événements

Viktor keeps creating all kind of paintings for special events worldwide. His last creation? A beautiful painting of your choice and in color from the back! This is new creation called the “Revert Painting”Viktor continue de créer toute sorte de toiles et de peinture pour l’événementiel. Sa dernière création? Une peinture en couleur et réalisée…
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Painting in a just a few minutes

It was during the last F1 race in Monte-Carlo that Viktor had the priviledge to realize Ayrton Senna’s portrait in just a few minutes on a red canva using the speed painting technic. It was a big surprise and an intense emotion for all Ayrton Senna fans who were present during the event in May…
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