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Ipad caricaturist in Paris

Paris, the city of love, art, and innovation, recently witnessed a blend of traditional art with modern technology, all thanks to the talented Viktor. Traditionally known for his grand canvas paintings using glue and glitters, this time he chose to take a more minimalistic approach, yet with a futuristic touch. At a recent car launch…
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Our famous painter in Milan for Toyota

This past week, our famous live-speed painter was performing in Milan for Toyota in front of 350 guests ! He drew using his famous technique of Glue & Glitter ! This technique of painting is really amazing and impressed all the guests.

Viktor designed “Big Heads” icons for the Nice’s Carnival

Our caricaturist artist, during the Nice Carnival “King of the Cinema” themed, was at the center of this famous event. In fact, in 2019, Nice celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Victorine Studios, the heart of the film industry on the French Riviera. Viktor had the chance to participate in the realization of “big heads” icons…
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Digital caricaturist in Monte-Carlo

Viktor was last night in Monte-Carlo doing some caricatures on Ipad. The event took place at the Sporting Club. The Ipad was connected to a giant screen so that all guests could see what he was drawing.

Ipad cariactures in France

Viktor is not only a talented painter but can realize caricatures on paper as well as on Ipads. During an upscale event that took place in the South of France, he realized several caricatures using his Ipad.