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Our famous painter in Milan for Toyota

This past week, our famous live-speed painter was performing in Milan for Toyota in front of 350 guests ! He drew using his famous technique of Glue & Glitter ! This technique of painting is really amazing and impressed all the guests.

Viktor designed “Big Heads” icons for the Nice’s Carnival

Our caricaturist artist, during the Nice Carnival “King of the Cinema” themed, was at the center of this famous event. In fact, in 2019, Nice celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Victorine Studios, the heart of the film industry on the French Riviera. Viktor had the chance to participate in the realization of “big heads” icons…
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Glitter painting in Toulouse

What an amazing glitter painting performance yesterday in Toulouse. It was right by the plane that Viktor realized this painting using as usual only glue and glitters. The performance had to last not more than 4 minutes!

Glue and glitter speed painter in UAE

Viktor is constantly traveling around the world to present his art: the glue and glitter painting. He was recently in UAE (United Arab Emirates) to present once again his talent. From Dubai to Kuwait, passing through Riyadh and Doha; Viktor is regularly traveling in the region to demonstrate his paintings. In just a few minutes…
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New glue and glitter / Glitter und Leim künstler

We just released our latest promo video to give you an idea of the result done with glue and glitter. The glue and glitter painting gives the power to Viktor to realize any kind of portraits, logos and objects on a 2mx2m canva using only glue and glitters. Many international events are to come so…
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Painting of a French Riviera eventPainture lors d’un événement sur la côte d’azur

It was during June 2012 on the French Riviera as weddings were booming as usual on the French Riviera. Viktor sat on a side of the room and started to realize a nice aquarelle painting of this incredible moment.C’était durant le mois de Juin 2012 sur la côte d’azur alors que les mariages se succédaient…
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